So it’s pretty clear from the MRI that the other areas of concern are a problem which makes my cancer multi-focal.  The biopsy is cancelled for Monday and I now have a pre-op appointment with my surgeon.  Basically this means the lumpectomy is off the table, but I kind of figured that from our first visit with the surgeon.  So Mastectomy here we come!  I’m thinking of delaying reconstruction so I can focus on recovery, but I reserve the right to change my mind.  🙂  I’m actually pretty ok with all this.  If I learned anything from going to the plastic surgeon, it’s that my sense of self worth doesn’t come from my outer appearance.  Sure, I like to look nice, but whether I have a real breast, a reconstructed breast, or a prosthesis I can throw in the dishwasher doesn’t matter to me all that much.  (I’m not really sure you can throw them in the dishwasher, but wouldn’t that be cool?!? )  The good news is the right side is free of cancer so it gets to stay.  You go right side!