I am very sorry that my somewhat loud and unhappy two year old bothered you.  As I’m sure you were able to hear, I was doing my very best to keep him occupied but unfortunately there is no such thing as a time out on a plane and two year olds are very unpredictable.  In fact, at one point during the flight I was going to say thank you for being so understanding as I know that it is difficult to sit in front of a two year old.  It is even harder sitting next to him when he is so worked up about being in his car-seat on a turbulent flight that he is inconsolable.  Again, I’m sorry about that.  Here’s where my sympathy stops.  Feeling the need to complain to us that J had been unruly was completely unnecessary and hurtful.  Now, instead of calmly being able to deal with the travel maelstrom that is J, we were flustered and even more embarrassed.   This is like telling an overweight person that she is fat.  We are accutely aware of J’s behavior.  And guess what, J had already calmed down 5 minutes before your tirade.  We are very lucky that your mean words didn’t upset him further.  Children are very sensitive to negative things.  Flying with a two year old is a crap-shoot at best and we do the very best we can.  All I can say is that I hope someday that when you are flying with your future children that the people in front of you are a lot more patient.  Oh yes, and to the other 200 some odd people on the plane who also had to listen to my son and chose to be supportive rather than negative, thank you so much for your humor, grace and class!