So, now that you’ve been subjected to my travel ranting, how about some yarny goodness!  I got lots of knitting done while I was in FL.  🙂  2 dishcloths that I forgot to take pictures of, socks for my MIL,

MIL sock

and the Cable Yoke Dress for my Mom. 

 cable yoke dress in progress

I also found a yarn store in Bradenton!  This is very exciting as the closest places until now have all been in Sarasota which is pretty far.  It’s called A Yarn Outlet and it’s going to have a website very soon for online sales as well.  It’s a cute store in a funny location, but it is on a major thoroughfare so I think she’ll do ok.  Funny thing tho, if you google the name of her shop it comes up with A Fence Outlet, or it says in the tags stuff about fences.  It’s actually right next door to A Fence Outlet which is another business she and her husband own.  So if you see stuff about fencing, you’re in the right place.  She had a lovely assortment of warm weather yarns, silks, corn yarns, bamboos, cottons, etc.  I got some Sweaterkits Silk on sale (Yes.  I bought yarn.  Puts me out of the drawing in the 10 project stash along. )

sweaterkits silk 

I can’t wait to knit this!