SO, amusingly enough, J did NOT throw a fit about his shoes.  Saw that everyone was taking theirs off and quickly followed suit.  Shows what I know.  He did, however, not make it the full 4 hours on the flight without a fit.  Luckily, I had an awesome seat buddy (Thanks Emily!) who was on her way to Key West for a girl trip and happens to think kids are pretty cool!  A truly funny story:  J was pretty much done with the carseat the last hour of the flight, so we spent quite a bit of time trying to find things to occupy him.  Emily had just finished her cup of coffee so we handed him the cup.  For the non parents out there, this is not a weird thing to do.  Sometimes kids get distracted by weird things.  L’s favorite toys for a long time were a whisk and a shoe.  Anyway, J took the cup, looked at it for a minute, and handed it back to me with an exasperated look shouting “NO want COFFEE!?!”  Hee hee.

 So anyway, we survived and are now having a very nice time with my parents.  Although, I forgot to pack J a belt.  The boy has a big booty and tiny waist so his pants fall down ALL the time.  Apparently nobody in the state of FL has this problem except me since all the stores we visited have no belts his size.  Yes.  What did we do our first day of vacation?  We went to Target, Walmart and Publix!  Wait.  How’s this different from real life?  Anyway, what’s a crafty Momma to do?  I crocheted him a belt out of leftover Sugar N Cream.  It’s not very manly (so DH keeps saying) but it does keep his pants from falling down.  I’ll post a picture when I get home.