It’s getting down to the wire.  (Where does that phrase come from anyway?)  We’re taking the kids to FL to see my parents and so I’m psyching myself up for the 4 hour flight.  Knitting has become my way of dealing with travel anxiety.  Well that, and having children.  Who has time to be anxious when your 2 year old has already played with all his toys 15 minutes into the flight?  Heh.  Anyway, I’m less anxious about the flight now and more worried about getting through the screening area.  We’ve done everything we can to pare down our stuff to backpacks as carry ons, 2 suitcases, a stroller and a carseat.  I’ve been reading the TSA guidelines and I think I even have that figured out.  Then I see the section that says they still examine shoes.  I may have mentioned it before, but J refuses to take his shoes off except for bathing.  He even sleeps in them.  And his coat too.  I finally got him a second pair of tennies so I can wash the others and I actually had to hide them DH could get the new pair on him.  The TSA site says to calmly explain to your child that they will get their shoes back.  Heh.  He still freaks out every time we take them off to change his pants.

 J getting ready for bed

 Pleasant, happy thoughts.