All in all it was a wonderful Christmas!  Kids were sweet and appreciative; so were the adults.  🙂  I’m almost done with the Patons SWS baby sweater.  I’m not sure why it is, but I have trouble getting set in sleeves to match up.  There’s always seems to be some fudging to do.  DH got me the Zune 8, which I am in love with.  In fact, I’ve been known to walk around singing “I love my Zune” to the tune of My Dog has Fleas.  It’s like when CDs came out and my friend who was the first to get one said, “Dude!  It’s like Plant is playing RIGHT here in my basement!”  Ok.  That’s probably not what he said.  But something like that.  And now it’s like they’re playing IN MY HEAD!  It’s so cool.

 My MIL asked me to make her some socks.  I’m very flattered but somewhat freaked about making them.  My sock record is less than stellar.  I actually finished one pair of ankle socks for me and one pair of baby socks.  My disasters still outnumber my successes.  Eek!

 And lastly for your viewing pleasure, Christmas morning at our house.  Snicker.