Last night as we were sitting around the dinner table, L was admiring the stockings on our fireplace. Now, she doesn’t yet know how to read, but she did recognize a pattern on all the stockings. All of them had one name on it except hers which has her full first and middle names. She asked me what hers said, so I told her and those big blue eyes started to tear up and her lower lip started to quiver. L was very upset that hers was different so I tried to come up with an explanation. My mother had made all of our stockings except DH’s and truthfully, I have no idea why her full name is on hers but I started in on a story about how L’s middle name is the same as my grandma’s and that her Nanny probably just loved that name so much she put it on her stocking etc etc… It wasn’t working as L then exclaimed,

“But that’s the name Mommy uses when I’m in trouble!”