I’ve been having problems with my laptop for some time now and this weekend it finally got so bad that DH rebuilt it. Love that man. Anyway, I’ve actually been a busy knitty girl. I finished the Peekaboo mittens and a pair of longies for J. He’d finally outgrown his old pairs and Michael’s had a sale a couple weeks ago on Patons Classic Wool, so it seemed to be destiny. I used the Tiny Bird’s Organic Free Longies pattern, which is my favorite pattern and knitted flat. It just seems to fit him better than the ones knit in the round. Anyway, after I finished the mittens the other night, I had that rush that I get when I finish something and it makes me want to finish everything else. Finishitis, if you will. Well, in my hurry to finish the longies (or the distraction of Russell Crowe on that movie about the dueling gunfighter town with Sharon Stone on TV), I failed to notice that one leg was significantly shorter than the other. The kicker is I didn’t notice this until AFTER I had seamed the pants. Twice. The pattern says to seam it from the crotch up, but when I did that, the ribbing didn’t match at the top. So I ripped it out, seamed down and lo and behold: uneven legs. Well, it was now 11 pm and I was not about to rip it out again. Besides, I don’t know to undo a bind off to add rows. So I took my dpns, picked up and knit stitches from the bind off and knit enough rows until they were even. Luckily it’s a dark color and not very noticeable. Half the time it’s covered up by his sock. Heh. So Hooray mittens and longies!