So last Wednesday night my brother comes home from school with my Mom in tow. Surprise visit! Which is very very cool since she lives out in sunny FL and we don’t get to see her much. My sister didn’t even know. Uncle T kept the secret well! It was very special to have her here for J’s birthday and little niece A’s dedication (Vineyard version of baptism).

So all was well until Thursday, when the stomach flu fairy came and bestowed her gift upon the family. So for poor J’s birthday, we sat around the table, eating Jello in our jammies while little one opened his presents.

We cancelled his party for Saturday and ended up just celebrating with the family members who had already been exposed. A balloon guy my sister knows made a bag full of balloon animals for the kids to play with. Free of charge! What a nice guy! The cousins had a great time with the balloons.

Amusingly enough, J turned 2 on Friday, had his first real tantrum on Saturday and an even worse one on Sunday. At church. AND at my sister’s. AND at my sister’s church during niece A’s dedication. Of course. He and I ended up hanging out in the cry baby room with all the babies singing songs to try and get him to stop crying. Turns out the boy has a thing for the show tunes.

Totally OT story about show tunes: My little 2 1/2 year old nephew L LOVES the movie Annie. He watches it every day, sings along and even acts out some of the dialog. My favorite story is when one day he very seriously looked his mother in the eye and said, “I love you Miss Hannigan.” Just what every mom longs to hear…