Thanks for all the nice comments on my Tomato! I’m very excited about it. Wear it all the time. Heh. I meant to blog about this before, but this pattern was the most accurate pattern I’ve ever knitted. Even the number of stitches to pick up around the neck was what she said they were going to be. That never happens. I always worry when the model is wearing the size small and I have to make the XL if the math is going to work out. And in this case, it did! Hooray Tomato! I had toyed with doing the darts from Knitting Daily but happily the Purple Princess talked me out of it and I’m so glad! As I mentioned before, I used a million balls of Mission Falls cotton and had to size down the needles to get gauge. One good thing about knitting the Faux Cable Sweater is I finally get a break from size 6 needles. It seems like all my projects of late have been on 6’s.

I also finished my Mom’s birthday present and forgot to take a picture before I sent it out. I’m not saying what it was since she reads the blog, but she’s under orders to take a picture when it gets there. 🙂