Visited my sister today and we bravely took the little ones to Chuck E Cheese. Week day visits are really pretty fun. It’s not very crowded and the kids had a great time. With an online coupon it cost a total of 20 bucks for 5 of us to eat plus tokens. Split in half, that’s less than it costs to eat at McDonalds.
This is the car I parked next to at my sister’s place. It’s hard to tell in the picture but twine is tied to both windshield wipers and strung through the windows so that you pull the string to use them. For some reason this struck me funny.
Tonight L says to me, Mom I want to be a cow girl when I grow up. This is a girl who has only ridden Shetland ponies and can’t stand the smell of her brother’s diapers much less animal poop. Then she points to her inspiration. Oh! A cheerleader! Cowgirl, cheerleader. You know. Whatever.
Lastly, I’ll probably pick winners for my 100th post contest on Monday, so get those weekend ideas in!