So in between running around to kid attractions, I have actually been knitting. And acquiring things to knit with.

First, the needles. The antique orange ones with the lovely stitch markers were a yarn crawl favor from La whose visit inspired The Great South Denver blogger yarn crawl of Aught Seven which I was too sick to go because I caught something on the plane on the way back from Georgia where I purchased the hand turned needles at a place called Two Stix in Decatur. Whew. Long sentence. I’m also excited to have received my KnitPicks DPN’s. No more teeny bamboo to snap mid-sock!
Next, there is the yarn that I happened upon today at The Recycled Lamb. Well. OK. I was actually driving around trying to get J to fall asleep and I just happened to drive by and saw they had yarn out front. Yes. I know. They always have yarn out front. I’m trying to justify here, OK? Anyway, they had some Hempathy on sale and I’ve been dying to try some out so I bought all that they had in this pretty blue. While I was paying, I had to look in the orphan bin, right? And there were 4 skeins of Noro just calling to me. I’d be crazy to pass up bargain cashmere Noro, wouldn’t I? Wouldn’t I?
Lastly, I’ve been working on a cabled baby sweater for my friend in Albuquerque in my favorite purple Scoubidu. 🙂 It’s going much better than the last baby sweater I made out of this yarn (See Not Bamboo Baby Frankensweater).