So I have to write this one down before I forget. The back story is, my kids are not good sleepers. They just don’t like to sleep. So even though it is getting better, bedtime is a struggle. The other night, L was experimenting with air quotes (or bunny rabbits as she calls them). I’m pretty sure she has no idea what they are, but imagine how hard it was not to laugh when she said, “Mama, it is now time for J and I to start “sleeping” in bed.” DH and I nearly fell off the couch since it’s so true.

Caught this on the news the other night and in an article today.

McDonald’s Story

Children actually believe that stuff wrapped in McDonald’s wrapping taste better. I think I’m going to start saving the wrappers and introduce the kids to our new friends McBrussel Sprouts, and McBroccoli. Actually did serve brussel sprouts last night for kicks (I hated them as a kid!), and both kids ate them, especially J. L ate them but had to take them apart leaf by leaf first. Funny children.

And speaking of funny children, DH asked L this morning if she had big plans for today and she replied, “Nope. I have little kid plans.”