Bad blogger. BAAAAD blogger. I’ve been meaning to write so much lately and it never seems to get out of the out of my head stage. So here’s the quick version.

School starts in a couple weeks and my teacher friends have to report back on Monday so I’ve been doing a crap ton of kid activities. You name it I’ve probably been there in the last 3 weeks or so. Children’s Museum. Check. Soda Beach at Bear Lake. Check. Twice. Georgetown playground. Check. Zoo. Check. Rocks in Boulder Check. Tiny Town. Check. Nonalds (that’s how J pronounces the Golden Arches) Check ad nauseum. Kittredge Park. Check. Cherry Creek Mall Food. Check. African Drumming concert. Check. Mr. Sunshine concert. Check. So many things I can’t even remember and I don’t have pictures for them. Check.
This last weekend I flew to Atlanta to hang with my college girls and see the newest tiny CU alum. SOOOO cute! Made Dream Swatch head wraps for all of them but found out I can only make 3 in a weekend full of eating, drinking and merry making, so I finished the 4th one last night and will get it out in the mail on Monday. The Dream Swatch model is my friend Lindsey who is one of the best people to knit for on the planet. She truly makes me feel like everything I make is really cool. She even stole my Booga Bag! Truthfully it was too small for a diaper toting purse carrier like me, so I’m glad it’s getting appreciative use. 🙂

Lastly, I visited Stitch Therapy over at Posh on Thursday and had a blast. Sadly no pictures, but they were a very fun group and of course the constant going around the circle reciting our names reminded us of other obsessive behavior groups. Knitting? Obsessive? Get out. 🙂