with this. Heh. I love it! Got it at Knit Knack. You should get one too! Join the knitting dorks! It’s almost as good as bowling shirts.

Where did this week go? With the blistering heat, I spent a couple days up in the mountains, just looking for anywhere 10 degrees cooler. Tuesday we went up to Bear Creek Lake in Evergreen and had a nice picnic.

Yesterday we went up to Kittredge, but sadly I have no pictures. L played in the creek with her friends but J refused to do anything except sit whinily in Mama’s lap. Ah well. Maybe next time.
In between car trips, I’ve been working on my Tomato. I’m excited for how it’s turning out. Leann convinced me to leave the stripe where it is as written, but I think I might try a seed stitch border instead of ribbing. We’ll see.