For the third time. Sometimes I tend to dive in to things without thinking it through. For some reason I thought using a larger needle would give me more stitches per inch. Duh. So what am I swatching you ask? Well I joined the Tomato bandwagon. Though mine is more pale frosty blueberry than tomato. I’m using 1824 Mission Falls Cotton that I got over at Posh. I wasn’t sure about the nubby texture at first but I’m very excited now that I’ve swatched it. I’m a little nervous because I think a girl of my figure probably needs to do the darts that I’ve been reading about on Knitting Daily and I’m a little apprehensive of changing a pattern I’ve never done before. Too many new techniques in one project you know? (See Gigantasock Disaster of 2006).
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. DH and I took the kids over to Stenger to watch the fireworks and they loved them!