I was browsing my blog feeds this morning and came across this at Mochimochiland. I think we’re all a bit jealous now, aren’t we?

Last night, I took the kids over to City Park for a Jazz concert and it was pretty fun! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not sure if the heat scared some people away but it was perfect (in the shade, it was brutal in the sun.) My friends had staked a claim out under a tree and we just hung out, eating good food while there was some fun music going on. Of course I have no pictures but by the end of it, most of the babies were stripped down to diapers dancing in the grass while L “entertained” some very cute puppies that another party had brought. Since I had never been before, I wasn’t sure what the etiquette of a 4 year old entertaining other parties was, but I was happily surprised that we were surrounded by kind folk who fortunately thought L was the cutest. Luckily for me L was full of the Force last night and didn’t waver to the Dark Side. Unfortunately, J did. But, at least it was already loud and nobody seemed to notice except me and my friends who are used to J.

Booga Bag progress:

I found that I had a heap of that purple yarn so I’m going with purple and ugly brown. Instead of simple striping, I’ve been practicing my Fair Isle. It may not even show up after felting, but at least I got the practice in.