I finished the baby blanket! I’m actually very pleased with how it turned out. (Yeah, I know. I always say that.) This was actually going to be another Log Cabin, but after talking to my sister I decided it still might be too hot for Georgia, so the extra holes in the crochet will make it cooler I think. It didn’t hurt that baby boy was born a bit early and I hadn’t started it yet. And it’s true what they say about crochet. It’s heaps faster. I started this blanket Thursday night over at Marly’s. (BTW, a big THANKS to the ladies of the virtual SnB who helped design the blanket!) I did find that I didn’t chain enough in the beginning so it was too narrow, thus the wide cream colored border. I was planning on putting a border on it. Just not that wide.

So yesterday we packed the kids in the car and made a trip up Lookout Mountain to Buffalo Bill’s grave. The view up there is pretty spectacular. I love that kids under 6 are free too. I like cheap family fun. L and J got to play cowboy and we had a nice picnic.