I finished it! And it actually doesn’t look half bad. It looks good enough for my sister to take to a baby shower at any rate. So here’s the stats:
Bamboo Baby sweater from One Skein Wonder
Needle size: 6 US
Yarn: 3 balls of Scoubi Du 50 percent cotton 50 percent acrylic
1) Added 5 garter rows on either side of the back panel using Log Cabin technique
2) Increased the picked up arm stitches from 24 to 28
3) I used a crochet seam for the shoulders and a modified mattress stitch for the sides. I say modified because I continued to use the mattress stitch even when the garter stitch edge was paired up with a bound of edge, just picking through the loops on the bound off edge as if it were garter. Since the pattern gave no instructions for seaming, this seemed to make the most sense.
I found the cute little duckie/chickie buttons at Knit Knack. I’m just glad it’s done. I was so afraid it would be horrible. Hooray!