Mine isn’t made of bamboo so maybe I should call it Scoubi Du Baby. I like knitting with it; it makes a nice baby sweater without actually being a baby yarn. I took advantage of this project to try out my Boye Needlemaster set. I love my Knit Picks, but I picked this up for half price at Hobby Lobby and you just can’t have too many needles. So far, I like it. I haven’t had any unscrewing problems and I really like that now I have some shorter cables should I need them. (They have 12 in. cables where the Knit Picks only goes down to 24 I believe.) There is a slight angle on the cables that I thought would drive me crazy, but so far hasn’t been a problem. I got this pattern out of One Skein Wonders (not the One Skein with the ball of yarn on the front. The OTHER one.) which I think is a really cute and handy book for those odd bits of yarn we all accumulate. My only issue so far was that the errata page was REALLY hard to find. And it’s a BIG errata page. 17 pages big. The missing instructions for the Bamboo Baby sweater were enough to make me crazy until it occurred to me to look for a corrections page.

(Ok. Funny aside. J is running back and forth clapping his hands and giggling to the Disney’s Hercules credits. Who knew the kid liked Michael Bolton?)