I haven’t watched the Tonys in years but for some reason I tuned in this year. When I was younger and was going to be a Broadway star (hee hee) I would watch every year to see the different musical segments but after my life moved off in another direction, I quit watching. It seemed for a while that all of the musicals were revivals and nothing new was coming around. Well now I am very intrigued by Spring Awakening, the Tony winner this year. The story is from a play written in 1891 but the music is very modern. The energy in the little bit I got to see on the show was amazing! I may have to run out and get the soundtrack if it’s available. Of course, I’ll probably only get to listen to it on those rare occasions when I’m in the car without the kids. Heh. It’s already disturbing enough that L knows many of the words to the songs from Rent (don’t worry, I skip the inappropriate stuff!) Warning: There is cursing and suggestive content (It’s about horny 19th century teenagers.)