It’s been bugging me since yesterday and I finally had one of those moments where a bit of knowledge that had previously been tucked far back away in my brain popped forward. I wrote that Sojabama was probably Soy Bamboo in Swiss. It dawned on me that the Swiss speak primarily German and French (and some Italian I think). So it’s probably German then. I had a friend in college who was a piano major whose ancestry was Sri Lankan/Swiss and I remembered that she spoke German and French (as well as some other languages I don’t remember). I do have to admit I took a peek at Wikipedia to make sure I was right though.

I used to be smart once upon a time.

Speaking of smart, a good friend of mine wrote an article over on Helium and it’s now one of the top articles at the site. Lindsey’s article is in response to an article that said that there is no such thing as good or bad music. (I’m not sure I’ve ever written the word article so many times in just two sentences before.) I guess real magazine editors often read and people have gotten jobs from it before.