I think I spent most of the past 7 days in the car driving back and forth from Parker. But can you blame me? Isn’t she the sweetest? My new niece (whose blanket is still in the works. Maybe I’ll get it done by her 1st birthday.) I had to laugh that it didn’t even occur to L to ask to hold the baby. She’s not exactly the most maternal kid. But then neither was I and now look at me. We used to tell this great story about L right before J was born when she was really into her baby dolls. She would lovingly wrap her baby in a blanket, give a sweet kiss, and then roll it down the stairs. Actually she was and is a very cute and helpful big sister. Except when J is in her stuff. I actually caught her TEACHING him how to make a mess the other day. J is actually quite neat for a toddler and likes to put things back and here she is showing him how to throw cereal in the air. The last picture is of some yellow roses I found while mowing the lawn today. We didn’t plant any, but I did get some as a gift once and my brown thumb and I left it outside for dead a while back. Apparently the seeds moved on. Maybe they’ll kill all the dandelions. We have raspberry bushes in the front yard that migrated in a similar fashion after we removed them from the backyard. I like to call our landscaping “Chaos Gardening”.