So we got a call last night for L to participate in a photo shoot today for a toy catalog. She did it last year (She’s the Moses Basket Girl for the My Twinn Baby Doll.) How she got the job last year is sort of a funny story. My sister and her friends were all taking their kids and she really wanted me to come along, so I packed up the kids as is (crooked pony tails and all) to the casting call. So here was L in all her uncoiffed glory next to girls who had sequins and curling iron curls. And she got the call back. This year they just emailed us asking us to send a picture and of course L was sick for the first three months of the year so getting a good picture was sort of a trick. So anyway, we got the call and went in this morning where she spent 2 1/2 hours pretending to hand a play Happy Meal to a cute little boy through the drive thru window. She was a trooper because that’s a long time to keep doing the same thing. Especially when you’re 4. Here are some pictures of her getting ready and waiting in the wings.