I am not, by nature, a quitter. So last night during CSI until about the midnight showing of the classic Twilight Zones on Sci Fi, I worked and worked on my ankle sock. I switched yarns to some Trekking I picked up at Yarn Art down by my sister’s house. I really like the colors as they’re knitting up. Anyway, as I, once again, worked the yo short row heel, I had an epiphany. There is no such thing as a backwards yarn over. At all. There is a knit side yarn over, and a purl side yarn over. I think where I got confused is the designer calls purl side yarn overs backwards and inadvertently wrote “backwards” on the knit side. If I had looked at the pictures more closely and disregarded the backwards part, I would have been better off. I finally figured out that wrapping the yarn around backwards (or clockwise, which was how I interpreted it) on the purl side causes the stitch to be twisted. So the heel has a couple funky parts but not enough to frog. (I just couldn’t rip it out again!) And now I’m pretty confident that I understand how to do it for the other sock. Hooray ankle sock!