I tried and tried and tried to get a good picture of me wearing my new vest yesterday but I just couldn’t get the lighting/angle to get a shot of what it really looks like. It’s so weird how things can look so differently on film than they do in real life. (Or perhaps I’m deluding myself and that’s what it really looks like but I prefer to believe the former.)

So anyhoo, here’s Bob the Bear modeling the finished Psychedelic Soaker (sounds better than Hippie) and some lovely Brooks Farm Yarn that Knit-Eat-Sleep brought me. I think one of my favorite things about becoming a knitter is the wonderful people I have met in the last year. (Prepare for a little gushing.) Knitters truly are some of the most fun, generous and yet diverse people I’ve ever come across. (I hear there are even Republican knitters! Heh.)

It’s so nice to have people who completely understand the quirky things that we knitters do.

Like knitting at stop lights. Trains. During lectures. During sport events. At the mall.

Almost being late for an appointment because you’re in the middle a particularly difficult bind off.

Understanding that there is a definite relationship between coffee and yarn.

The sharing of new techniques (or old ones for us newbies).

Support for steek cutting!

And many more things I can’t think of this morning. Not enough of the above mentioned coffee.

Uh oh. J is wandering around the house shouting “Baa! Baa!” I’d better go give Bob back. Ah. Much better.