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Ok. I’ve taken three different sorting quizzes and apparently I would be in House Hufflepuff. I guess it could be worse. I think it just weirds me out because it sounds too much like HR Puffnstuff and those freaky muppet/puppet things.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

If I only had a brain

So I frogged the sock again. It turns out I not only had the wrong number of stitches but I was doing the backwards yarn over on the knit side backwards (does that mean it’s frontwards?)

Yesterday L and I met the Arvada Knitters over at Bliss for lunch before heading over to the matinee of the Wizard of Oz. L was so good, I was proud. She LOVED the show and wanted to meet Dorothy afterwards. She gave her a big hug and told her that she loved the show. It was very cute.

Anyway, L brought her camera to Bliss and took some pictures which I’m now going to share. There were many many pictures of the ceiling. 🙂

Argh! Sock Opinion Poll

So I’m on my second incarnation of the ankle sock and after almost finishing the heel, I realized that I’m supposed to end with the same number of stitches I started with, of which I’m sadly short. Also I noticed that (probably because of the stitch problem) when I start knitting in the round again there will be a 1/2 inch hole on one side of the heel. I figure it happened while I was knitting at midnight last night when I should have been sleeping.

So. If you were me, would you gradually increase stitches on each round until I have the right number and stitch the hole closed upon finishing, or frog the whole thing. Again. 🙂

Ripit Ripit

So I had to frog the sock. 😦 I’m attempting to do the backwards yarn over short row heel (I think it needs an acronym. BYOSRH!) and I messed it up beyond saving. I’m not too sad though because now I can do a few more rows of ribbing. I just wish the yarn wasn’t so twisty. I wonder if this is just a cotton yarn phenomenon since I don’t seem to notice it as much when I’m working with wool?

Um. Ok. Kids are weird. While I’ve been typing this, L spilled her milk on the carpet. Before I could get to it with a towel, J ran from across the living room and not only stepped in it, but danced in it like it was Singin’ in the Rain. It’s not like it was a puddle! I repeat. Kids are weird.

Steeks and socks

I realize I have been remiss in my knitting content, so here goes. I finished up the knitting on the front of the nonstripey vest and am now ready (theoretically) for the cutting of the steek.
I also have cast on some ankle socks, since I discovered a hole in my last pair yesterday. I’m attempting to use up some sock yarn I had from the gigantasock disaster and am noticing serious gauge differences from the yarn in the pattern. I did do a gauge swatch (yay me!) and increased the cast on stitches accordingly. I now just have to down and figure out how many stitches for the heel.
Ok, so I figured that out and now I’m attempting the yarn over short row heel. I think I’m doing it right. I’m sure I’ll find out. Heh.

I so wish I had my camera!

On the way home from rehearsal tonight, I spent the better part of the trip stuck behind a giant truck full of cattle, with a sign on the back reading, “Caution! My cows piss into the wind!” I’m very fortunate to not have gotten into an accident trying to take a picture with my camera phone.

Knit Knacks

“Mama, why are we driving to the park?” my precocious child asks.

“Um. Because it has picnic tables?”

Which is true. For some reason the city of Arvada takes our picnic tables away from the park by our house during the winter. Closer to the truth is the fact that McIlvoy Park is only two blocks away from Old Town Arvada’s newest shop, Knit Knacks. After freezing our derrieres and trying to eat our picnic lunch as fast as we could (darn picnic table was in the shade!), DH stayed with L at the playground while J and I walked over to the store. As we walked in we saw Christie and Cheryl from Arvada Knitters and we all agreed it was a very nice shop. I bought some dpns so that Christie and I can be sock buddies since I think I’m finally recovered from the gigantasock disaster of 2006 and ready to attempt another pair. I might even dismantle gigantasock for this endeavor. Leah came in too, but J was beginning to melt and it was time to find the rest of the family. Turns out L had discovered the stage over at McIlvoy and was giving an impromptu concert. Heh.