So no TV week is over and we’ve already fallen off the wagon. But look what they want to watch?!? Rachel Ray has quite the toddler appeal. L wants to make everything she cooks.


Look Mom! The kids are wearing church clothes! No, I didn’t go to church just to get my mother’s approval. But it doesn’t hurt. Grins. We’re actually (finally) getting around to J’s Baptism. We seem to have a habit of waiting until they are past their first birthday. Besides that it just feels good to be going. It’s pretty cool when you walk into a place and the ushers greet you with “Welcome Home!”

On Saturday I met the Arvada Knitters (we should make bowling shirts that say that!) over at Knit Knack where I got this…

It’s made of soy and bamboo! Bamboo bamboo bamboo! (Too many VeggieTales!)

I can’t wait to make the Dream Swatch Head Wrap.