DH put on a movie for L this morning so I could sleep. When I got up, Mademoiselle Grumpypants had returned. When the movie was over, I turned the TV off. Shiny Happy Daughter came back! TOO WEIRD.

So the reason I needed a little extra ZZ’s was not J’s nocturnal howls, in fact, he’s been a member of Binky’s Anonymous for about a week now and doing well. I stayed up to finish the sweater. I have no pictures yet as I’m blocking it, but I’ll get some soon.

I realize I may not have been clear on my previous sweater post. Cheryl broke my sweater TO fix it. I only had to machine stitch a couple places where the thread was loose. No big. It was just funnier and more dramatic to say she’d broken my sweater. (And we wonder where L gets her dramatic flair as she theatrically tells me, “I am NOT dramatic Mommy!” The girl channels a good Judy Garland, I tell you.)

So now I’m plugging away on a log cabin baby blanket for my neice, pictures to come soon.