“Mama, why are we driving to the park?” my precocious child asks.

“Um. Because it has picnic tables?”

Which is true. For some reason the city of Arvada takes our picnic tables away from the park by our house during the winter. Closer to the truth is the fact that McIlvoy Park is only two blocks away from Old Town Arvada’s newest shop, Knit Knacks. After freezing our derrieres and trying to eat our picnic lunch as fast as we could (darn picnic table was in the shade!), DH stayed with L at the playground while J and I walked over to the store. As we walked in we saw Christie and Cheryl from Arvada Knitters and we all agreed it was a very nice shop. I bought some dpns so that Christie and I can be sock buddies since I think I’m finally recovered from the gigantasock disaster of 2006 and ready to attempt another pair. I might even dismantle gigantasock for this endeavor. Leah came in too, but J was beginning to melt and it was time to find the rest of the family. Turns out L had discovered the stage over at McIlvoy and was giving an impromptu concert. Heh.