It is, in fact, snowing in these pictures; taken just now at about 1 pm. I’m not sure I’m glad or sad that the predicted snow didn’t come. L said the cutest thing today when she looked out the window. “Mama! Why are the clouds covering the nice blue sky?” Today, the kids and I went to the library, where we arrived a bit early and were pummeled with a freak onslaught of sleet. We took refuge in the Army Navy Surplus store, which I hadn’t been in since high school. They have quite a selection of odd things. We even ended up with a pair of J size fake crocs ($10!) When the sleet subsided we made our way back across the street, where we were STILL a few minutes ahead of opening, so we waited with some other people for the library to open. Don’t get me wrong, I love libraries, I read practically every book in my elementary school library before moving on to junior high. So imagine my dismay when I overhear the librarians complaining about us standing out front?! Saying things like, “They should know when we open!” and “Well, they’ll just have to stand out there!” I almost mentioned to them that some of us had walked to the library (as many people do because of the serious lack of parking in Old Town) and had not timed it exactly right, but I figured letting it go was probably the better thing to do. My wise sister-in-law once said to me that negativity is like carrying around a bag of rocks, so I decided not to carry around an extra rock (and just vent in the blog instead. šŸ™‚ ).
I’m still working on the nonstripey vest but I’m not going to take a picture because so far the front looks identical to the back. I have about 4 1/2 more inches until I start the increase for the steek. Eek! šŸ™‚