A good friend of mine was on Spring Break this week and so we maxed out the Stay At Home Mom fun stuff to do! Tuesday we went to the zoo. See my dear monkeys? The sleepy monkey to the right is my adorable nephew.

J is sporting one of the first hats I ever made. It’s his favorite. Heh. And of course, the quintessential Mom shirt.

I’ve been listening to the Rent soundtrack in the car and apparently L is paying more attention than I think. The other night she started singing, “Today for me! Tomorrow for you!”, which Rent o philes know is actually backwards to the lyrics of the song, but oh such a statement on the 4 year old psyche. The best part was when we had ice cream later and it became, “Chocolate for me! Chocolate for you!” My little broadway star.

Today we braved the Children’s Museum. I need to go there once a year to remind me why I don’t go there. It’s a very cool place but super expensive and very crowded. I was proud of the monkeys though, they did well. L was very sweet, polite and kind (until we got to the parking lot, but no one needs to know that. 🙂 ) and J had a ball until he thought I’d left him forever when I made a quick run to the car to grab our lunch, leaving my poor friend with wailing boy who then tried to beat down every door in the play area looking for his wayward Mom. Everyone recovered. The last cutie is my friend’s son. Love his hair!

On the knitting front, I am probably 3/4 of the way through the back of my nonstripey vest. Size 5 needles are tiny!