In an effort to be more active this year, my husband and I took the kids and the dog over to Crown Hill Park for a walk around the lake. Unfortunately the only way we could get L to walk was to bribe her with Animal Crackers at every 10 mph sign and that only worked for about half of a mile. *sigh* Bad Mama bribing with food. Oh well. At least they were Organic Animal Crackers. Heh. Sadly the one that really wanted to walk was J (and the dog) but I was afraid he would run right into the lake. For someone who looks like he’s going to crash every time he runs, he moves pretty fast. And he rarely crashes. Except when the dog is trying to take his Organic Animal Cracker.

So, on the knitting front, I’ve been working on from the most recent Knitty. I’m not using Noro, just can’t take that price tag, but I did have some funky colored Patons that I don’t remember why I bought and it seems to work just fine. I even made a gauge swatch! Heh. No pictures to prove it though. It’s not going to be stripey though because I don’t have a complementing yarn to stripe it with. I tried striping with two balls of the same yarn (hopefully this doesn’t sound dumb) to see if the colorways would make a stripe but it ended up looking the same as when I just use one ball. So, I’m not going to have a stripey vest.