So my son is mortally afraid of cats.  This is a new experience for me, since my daughter is not afraid, but instead inspires fear in my friend’s cats and usually comes home with many scratches from “loving” them.  Anyway, back to J.  He’s only experienced cats a few times but has burst out crying the air raid siren cry that both of my children seem to be able to do each time one has even looked at him.  I have to mention that said cats have never even been close enough to him to touch.  Which brings us to the picture.  Remember the jack in the box which is L’s new pride and joy?  Scares the heck out of J.  And as weird as it sounds, it’s not the popping out that scares him.  It’s the cat.  He laughs at the music and when it first pops out, then cries when he sees the cat.  I guess it’s good thing we’re all allergic or the poor boy would be traumatized for life.