I took my 3 year old to tour Happy Valley today.  She had a ball and is super excited to start preschool in the fall.  She was making some large arm movements when we first arrived so the director asked her if she was a dancer.  She said, no, my kitty is trying to get away.  Apparently we’ve adopted an imaginary kitty.  He’s shown up on a couple occasions, usually when she doesn’t want to do something.  No Mommy, I can’t do the buckles on my car seat, I’m holding my kitty.  (I thought all kids liked to do the buckles on their carseat.  Not mine.  Sheesh.)  No Mommy, I can’t pick up my clothes because I need to hold my kitty.  That said, kitty was quickly forgotten with to promise to see the classrooms and the barn yard animals.  Shetland ponies, various chickens, some bunnies, a pig named Prince Charming, and two sheep.  There were a couple of classes in session who all welcomed her with open arms, quickly showing her all the things that they get to do, like painting and making a fish out of soap, which she did.  It’s a very stinky fish.

Afterwards, we went up to Boulder, where we checked out a consignment store that I get emails from.  It was huge and a little pricey, but very nice.  It’s also the only place to get second hand diapers without the hassle of the internet and shipping.  I found some gently used diaper covers and a Kissaluv to try.  Mostly I wanted it so I could trace it for a pattern.  Heh.  J got a couple outfits.  Darned if the boy hasn’t grown out of all his summer hand me downs.  L did a very nice job so I told her she could pick something out.  She did a good job picking something too.  She chose a purple jack in the box (she’s been wanting one for ages)with, you guessed it, a cat jumping out to the tune of “Alley Cat”.  It took me a while to place the song when I finally remembered my Uncle George playing Alley Cat on his piano.

Right now its eerily quiet around here since Lizzie is playing next door and my nephew and J are getting along.  Actually they do most of the time.  Cute nephew is 1 1/2 and uses a mixture of sign language and words to communicate.  It’s pretty cute.  When he wants something he says “More”, but signs “Please”.